Hercle: Tale of Basura Bay

A 3D platformer survival game, focusing on the plight of a hermit crab on a new and strange island.

DateJune 20 – Sept 20RoleGame Designer
Team Size6EngineUnreal Engine 4


  • Gathered a team that got funded by Transfuzer 2020.
  • Worked within a interdisciplinary team of artists and programmers.
  • Designed and concepted the production of crafting materials, with probability analysis.
  • Created an open world level, using affordance techniques to lead the player to interesting locations.
  • Designed the mechanics, UI, and AI .
  • Developed the narrative and world building of Basura Bay.


Project Details

When we concepted Hercle as a team, we saw that a marriage between a 3D platformer and a survival game as being an interesting concept. The structure was to be similar to Subnautica and The Forest, where areas within the map are gated behind progression/mechanics. The gameplay would be a mix of platforming, puzzle solving and simple combat, seen in games such as Banjo & Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank.

I’m extremely happy with what we accomplished with Hercle: Tale of Basura Bay, as I feel we managed to create a lot of content within a window of 3 months. Our scope was humongous and incredibly complex for a team that hadn’t attempted a game in that genre. This project taught me to scope, and to better realise the limits of my time.