My name is Sonny Matthews and I am Game Designer.

I feel lucky to be constantly challenged in the ways that making games can only do. Whether it be the planning and implementing, or the testing and iterating, I adore that each milestone has their own unique set of problems that need solving.

Outside of work, I am a musician and foodie. Ask me about my pets too!


  • Game Design.
  • Level Design.
  • UE4 and Blueprint.
  • Iterative Design Process and Testing.
  • Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Basic C++.


  • Clear Communicator.
  • Adaptable.
  • Motivated.
  • Team Player.
  • Considerate.
  • Keen to Develop and Grow.
  • Organised.


  • Designer for Bermuda Studios, a team picked for the Transfuzer 2020 competition.
  • Designer for Marble Explorer, which came second place in the GVE Summer Showcase.
  • Beta tester for the narrative-based game “Herald” by Wispfire.