"ERA" – Turn-Based RPG

Era is a Turn-Based RPG with puzzle elements within the battle system. In this particular battle, the puzzle tasks players with matching a word to a correct synonym (another word for the same thing). If they manage to, they cause damage to their enemy.

By using the remembrance mechanic, Dot calls upon her failing memory to try and aid the player with a hint. This then leaves the player with a mini-game, characterised by Dot having the answer at the tip of her tongue. The more in the centre of the green area they player ends up after the allotted time, the better the hint Dot will provide. There are also various spells (Memoria) that can aid in this process.

The game’s largest element is it’s narrative – similar to “Final Fantasy” and “Undertale”. Plot-wise, the biggest comparison I could make would be “Labyrinth” from the 80’s in that the protagonist is a fish-out-of-water in a fantasy world.

A brief snippet of the story, as well as the battle scene, can be found below.

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