Marble Explorer

A physics-based arcade platformer, where managing momentum is the key to success.

DateApril 20 – June 20RoleGame/Technical Designer
Team Size20EngineUnreal Engine 4


  • Designed and balanced the momentum-based movement mechanics, with iteration based on feedback.
  • Designed the level cannon mechanic.
  • Designed a scoring system, that was scoped out of the final project.
  • Created the character select screen, with control method flowing between menus.
  • Designed and grey boxed a level, called “Slope”, and iterated on feedback.
  • Implemented the controller support across the whole game, and allowed for the switching between them at any stage.
  • Created simple tools to assist with the management of movement balance changes.


Project Details

During the development of the game, I lead the ball’s movement stats and balance. It went through 3 iterations: the first was from direct feedback from the designers, the others were from the whole team. It was interesting to me to see how the development changed over time, as the first version was much slower. It demonstrated how one persons image of the game can be so far away from other members in the team.

I very much enjoyed being somewhere between the technical and the design department during this project, and feel this was the first time I really thought and learnt about a technical designer role. I very much enjoyed creating tools that assisted me with changing and rebalancing the control of the marble.

I was particularly proud of enabling controller support across the whole game, including the UI, as it was something I had not done before, but now feel well equipped to do it again in the future.