"Tartarus" – Twitch Style FPS

Game/Level Design and Implementation into Engine : Sonny Matthews
The art assets used can be located here, here and here.

With this project, I wanted to recreate “DOOM” style combat, but combine it with unique elements that haven’t been seen in the Twitch FPS genre.

The unique twist was to be physics based gameplay, which would allow the player to pickup and throw environmental objects at approaching foes; a little like how “Bioshock” and “Half Life 2” do. The frenetic speed of “DOOM”‘s combat and this type of gameplay had not being done before, so I saw an opportunity to create something unique.

I also wanted to evolve other areas of “DOOM”s design, so I took the telekinesis mechanic further and also allowed it to pull the player around the level. You wouldn’t usually categorise “DOOM” as a platformer, but there is still a significant amount of navigation through the levels that requires the player to jump over obstacles, or avoid environmental hazards.

Here is some of the documentation I created over the period of developing this project.

Level Walk-throughs (with Commentary)

Demonstration of the Tutorial Section

Demonstration of a Fight Section

Demonstration of a Story Section

Full Level Walk-through

Prototyping and Iteration

The game went through many different forms as I built prototypes of each mechanic and level area. Here are a collection of videos demonstrating the different stages of development.

First Attempt at Main Mechanic

Inclusion of Gun

Projectile Catching and Basic Encounter

Navigation Pull Prototype

AI Behaviour (Khamiera)

Early Mana System

Refined Mana System

Interact-able Object Highlighting