“Tank Constructors” – Tower Defense Shooter

For a full demonstration of the game, please see the video here.

For a University project, we were tasked to create a game featuring tanks. A long time desire of mine was to create a game in the vein of “Command and Conquer: Renegade”: where two teams fight against each other by using collected materials to create weapons and bases. The primary goal for the module was to create blueprints with adherence to Object Orientation practices.

The game features a mechanic that allows for the player to build structures in the game world. These objects help them to succeed in the relevant game mode they are playing; this can be in the form of weapons, AI tanks or health boosts. To create these buildings and weapons, they must spend time to collect material in the game map.

Some interactions can only be taken part in via input at building locations; for example, to create a weapon or AI tank, the player must park at the weapons factory and select one to build.

This is how the wave based mode looked in action. It is also fully playable in split screen.

The game also supports a two player deathmatch mode, where the aim is for each player to destroy the other player’s base. The main distiction between this mode and the other is that each team can create tanks to fight along side them. The gif above demonstrates an attack taking place.

This and move can be found in the full demonstration video below.

A demonstration of the weapons in the game can also be skipped to here.

Here is a portion of the blueprints behind the game.

(if any of the pictures are particularly out of focus, please press the “view full size” button in the bottom left to enable you to zoom)