"VIX" – UKIE Game Jam 2019

“VIX” is a third person action adventure game about a fox finding their lost cub. We wanted to demonstrate the effect that we as humans have on local wildlife by telling the story of an urban animal. We felt that would be more immediate and closer to home.

The challenge presents itself by navigating elements of the world with the mechanics available to the player. This can be via the pull mechanic, or the avoidance of the spotlights that throw rubbish and oncoming cars.

As part of my responsibilities on the project, I created a mechanic where the player can rip and tear through rubbish to gain collectables. It involves them holding E, and then shaking the mouse to pull the rubbish open.

At one point, food was going to be in the rubbish bags which would’ve linked with the kind of struggle we wanted to represent. Due to not having the time to make this mechanic clearer and more tactile, we had to reduce it to being a more optional than imperative part of the game. Overall, I feel this aided the experience.

And here is the full play through of the game.

Game Link: https://itch.io/jam/ukie-green-game-jam-/rate/511924